Community & Social Values

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We are passionate about leaving a lasting, positive legacy in the communities in which our projects are based.

Our support embraces organisations of all types, from education providers and charities to invaluable community-based initiatives.

Inspiring the next generation

The future of the construction industry is incredibly important to us, and we work hard to make young people aware of the opportunities that are available to them. We have partnered with North Bromsgrove High School & Sixth Form to provide students with a practical insight into a sector that many have often only read about in textbooks. Members of our team have even developed teaching materials for A-Level students, based on our delivery of the nearby Worcester Six Business Park scheme. Lessons have been reinforced by hosted field trips, enabling young people to visit the site in person.

Helping local charities and community schemes

We are proud to support charities and good causes identified by our people, as well as backing the many sponsored running, cycling and walking challenges they take on. Together we have raised vital funds for the likes of Prostate Cancer UK, Parkinson’s UK, LandAid, The Rees Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Age UK’s Men in Sheds initiative. Our charitable giving extends to the communities where our projects are based, and we regularly donate materials, time and financial resources in support of worthwhile schemes.

Supporting local businesses

Benniman engages with local businesses, suppliers and services wherever possible. We have a trusted network of contractors based in across the regions, providing us with greater opportunities for collaboration and allowing us to maximise the social value we can generate. By spending locally, we continue to support SMEs and assist our clients in meeting key objectives.

Commitment to change

All of our projects are registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), and we are committed to raising sector standards and building trust with the public. We set a minimum target CCS score of 40/45 (‘excellent’) for every project we deliver. Our average score is currently 43 points, with several of our schemes independently assessed by CCS as achieving the maximum available. We also complete projects using the Social Value Portal, which allows us to measure, report and amplify the impact our social value activities have on local communities.

Health, Safety, Quality & Environment


We distil more than 55 years of construction expertise into every project we deliver. Our diverse portfolio spans multiple sectors, including industrial and logistics, infrastructure, offices, primary care, retail, and fit out.